Who’s responsible for keeping social media clean?

Who should umpire social media?

The negative side of social media regularly hits the headlines – from discussions around peaks in hate speech to internet trolls attacking people online. As a result, calls for social media regulation and legislation have grown louder too.

This came into sharp relief most recently when white nationalists organized a ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville on social media resulting in hate speech and extremist views being freely aired online. The results were tragic.

Whilst this is an extreme example of how social media has changed since the early 2000s, toxic content - which includes cyberbullying, fake news and terrorist grooming, as well as hate speech and personal abuse - is everywhere on social media. So does social media need more moderation? If so, who’s responsible for that? And how far should moderation go? Can we tread the fine line between free speech and censorship? 

You can read more about this hot debate, and have your say, on this article we wrote for MarTech Series.