What pharma brands need to know about social media

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Increasing reach and engagement are two of the most common reasons for deploying a social media strategy, yet brands can easily get this wrong.

In our latest Best Practice Guide to Social Media for Pharma brands we asked a number of industry experts to share their top tips on how pharma brands can make the best of social. Here’s a short excerpt from one - Naomi Galimidi, Marketing and PR Specialist at Hagan Associates. To read the full content, download the Best Practice guide for free here.

Be relevant, be engaging

We use content that stays away from regulated and product-specific language. A few times per month, we will craft a post that describes the benefits of a product or tells consumers where they can purchase it. These are run by legal to ensure compliance.

More often, though, our posts are designed to be conversations with the audience that are relevant to both the brand and the audience.

Are nurses a significant segment of your followers? Find a meme or article they will appreciate. Do many of your customers follow sports? Help them stay up on the latest stats.

What is your product helping them with? Tap into the challenges your customers are striving to overcome. Offer encouragement and/or humor. Importantly, be real and true to the brand.


Follow relevant handles to know what your audience is talking about, and to find relevant content to share. When sharing (Facebook), retweeting or regramming, add comments that demonstrate why the post is relevant to your audience.

Note we did not say ‘relevant to your brand.’ Posts and tweets are intended to be a conversation, and content all about the product will not yield good engagement.

Keep the focus on the people you are aiming to interact with. Sharing and retweeting cannot be automated. Sharing is done in real time by real humans. It requires reading your news feed – i.e. participating in the social exchange these platforms are designed for. Another way to ‘share’ is to use testimonials or reviews. Offering up what your customers like about your brand/product often opens up good conversation for other customers and builds trust for those who have not yet converted.

Full circle

Our team starts with market research and UX (user experience). We then bring the data to life: social media is a fun, creative, human, interactive experience. It happens in real time and involves real people.

Social media managers are a critical link between customers/potential customers and the sales team, customer service department, and retail partners. Comments and messages brands receive – directly (tagged) or indirectly – help the brand better serve its customers.

Our work with social media spills into other marketing services: public relations, digital and native ads, graphic design, and website creation. The more we are listening and engaging on social media, the better these marketing efforts perform.

To read more of Naomi’s strategies and top tips from 7 more industry experts, download your free Best Practice Guide to Social Media for Pharma Brands now.

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Naomi Galimidi

Written by Naomi Galimidi

Naomi is the Marketing and Public Relations Specialist at Hagan Associates