Using Markov Chains for Breakfast

Andrey Markov

At Crisp we're leading the way in Artificial Intelligence, providing solutions for some of the biggest companies on the planet. Our approach is driven by our inquisitive, creative and passionate team of Developers.

Being a curious bunch, they often spend their free time investigating new AI or programming techniques and, when faced with solving difficult questions in social media signal processing and text analysis at Crisp, we benefit from their creative-thinking.

Chris Core, our Data Collection Lead, has a (some say unhealthy) interest in Markov chains. As a personal project he has investigated this algorithm to explain the state of actions and behaviours, and to suggest off-beat menu suggestions for Crisp’s Friday breakfast orders.

As part of Leeds Digital Festival, Chris will be showing Developers how they can predict the future - and serve up breakfast order inspiration - using Markov chains.

Join Chris for his Using Markov Chains For Breakfast talk and learn about state machines, weak AI and stochastic processes over free bacon sarnies and lots of strong coffee.

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