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EdgeRank initially seems to be a complicated concept, but it’s actually pretty simple. Here, I will explain what Edgerank is, how to use it to your brand’s advantage and how Crisp can make the process quick, easy and extremely effective...

What is an Edge?

An Edge is anything that happens on Facebook. This includes comments, likes, status updates, shares and anything else you can think of! Each Edge is made up of three things; Affinity, Weight and Time Decay.

Affinitythe one-way relationship between an Edge and a user and how ‘close’ it is. Affinity is built up through repeat interactions with a brand’s Edges.  

Weightthe value Facebook gives to an Edge. A comment is worth more than a like and therefore weighs more. In general, the more time it takes to create an Edge, the more it weighs.

Time Decay – how long the Edge has existed. As an Edge ages, it decreases in value so that newsfeeds consist of new and fresh content.


What is EdgeRank?

EdgeRank is simply the sum of Edges - an algorithm used by Facebook to filter newsfeeds by ranking Edges to show users the posts which are most relevant to them.

Basically, the more engagement and interaction a brand’s post creates, the higher it will rank in users’ newsfeeds. This will inevitably lead to it being viewed by more people, further increasing engagement and interaction in a nice little cycle that will work wonders for the brand’s online presence and reputation.

The key to EdgeRank is good content. This may seem fairly obvious, but many businesses have no clear posting strategy and no idea what is effective in engaging their audience.


How can Crisp help?

Crisp combines sentiment tracking with good moderation – enabling you to create great content and massively increase user engagement. 

Crisp's great social media moderation increases engagement by ensuring that users are not bombarded with spam or inappropriate content. The result is well-moderated posts that are free from spam and unsuitable content, attracting more likes, shares and comments (more Edges), which increases post distribution. Crisp's online moderation creates an enjoyable environment that people are much more willing and eager to be a part of and so dramatically increases engagement.

Crisp’s Fan Insight facility also provides valuable feedback by monitoring and ranking a brand’s posts to see which are most effective and what does and doesn’t work with the audience. Crisp gives you exact statistics so you can easily see what your audience does and doesn’t like, as well as what they respond to and what they don’t. This enables you to produce content that you know users will like and engage with.

Using content moderation to create a nice online community, and tracking user sentiment and engagement to give the audience what they want means your posts will increase in popularity, prompting more Edges. This will cause your posts to rank more highly in users’ newsfeeds where they will be seen by a lot more people.

Crisp therefore gives you everything you need to build a successful posting strategy that will get your brand posts into this EdgeRank cycle, giving your brand a great reputation and a notable online presence.

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