Crisp announces fully managed safety service to transform how Social Platforms keep kids safe

After five years of development, and real-world roll-outs with some of the largest digital kids platforms, Crisp has now officially launched its fully managed ‘Kids and Teens’ safety & moderation service. This service is set to transform the way Social Platforms deliver safe experiences for their younger users.

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How do you detect and remove offensive videos from social media in real time?

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The problem of graphic images and videos appearing on social media is not a new one, but unacceptable, toxic and illegal videos for all to see on social media are certainly hitting the headlines more frequently. The self-video of a Thai man murdering his baby daughter on Facebook Live was up for almost 24 hours this week. Only 10 days previously, Steve Stephens posted a video on Facebook of himself shooting Robert Godwin Sr. in Cleveland. That video was live for three hours before being removed.

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How to effectively report inappropriate content to a social channel

Social media moderation teams and managers can find themselves faced with content that poses a real risk to their online community. Whether it is a threat from a vulnerable user, graphic or sexualized image, cyberbullying or a sexually inappropriate comment, the team will expect intervention from the social channel to ban the user, remove the content or help a vulnerable user.

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