Time to let your skills go Rusty?

Social media is constantly evolving with new features to help us communicate in more complex ways. Unfortunately, these new online features are often exploited by foul-mouthed haters, data hackers or sexual predators. In fact, Crisp Labs’ study of social media pages managed by the world’s best-known brands, found that one in ten posts contain a risk to the brand’s reputation or its users.

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News release: Hundreds of new items of extremist content being created online daily

  • 27% of content includes violent, distressing or incitements to commit terrorist attacks
  • Spikes in activity seen around key acts of terrorism
  • UK company behind the artificial intelligence technology used to detect illegal content for leading social networks

The amount of terrorist propaganda and extremist content being posted online, especially on social media platforms is a growing global issue.  Now, a UK headquartered company has been identified as being behind the technology that is being used by global social networks to detect hundreds of pieces of new terrorism-related content created online each day.

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New service prevents ads from appearing next to offensive material

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- March 27, 2017:  Today Crisp announces an online advertising service for customers designed to combat misplaced ads that lead to brand erosion. As companies withdraw online ads for fear of them being served against extremist or inappropriate content, Crisp launches a new online advertising audit service that gives global brands complete certainty that their ads will not appear next to offensive content or fund terrorism.

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