Time to let your skills go Rusty?


Social media is constantly evolving with new features to help us communicate in more complex ways. Unfortunately, these new online features are often exploited by foul-mouthed haters, data hackers or sexual predators. In fact, Crisp Labs’ study of social media pages managed by the world’s best-known brands, found that one in ten posts contain a risk to the brand’s reputation or its users.

At Crisp we are constantly pushing our technology forward to identify these emerging online risks and to develop new capabilities that protect both social media users as they play, chat and learn online, and the reputations of global brands. Rust is one of the many programming languages we use to do this.

Rust has been the ‘most loved programming language’ in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey for three years running. As the language is built around safety, Rust provides memory safety without needing a garbage collector which makes it a good choice for performance-critical code. In short, when we're analyzing thousands of pieces of user-generated content every second, Rust allows us to identify 'bad actors' quickly and effectively.

As part of Leeds Digital Festival, Will Speak, one of Crisp’s Developers, will be outlining some of Rust’s key features and hopefully convincing you to become a Rustacean too! 

Whether you're a Rust beginner or simply a curious Developer, join Will for his Time To Let Your Skills Go Rusty? talk and write your first Rust program over beers and snacks. Tickets are free, but places are limited.

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