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The future is digital – there’s no doubt about that. Our entire lives are migrating to the internet, while multiple screens increasingly dominate our daily routines and we begin to utilize our multitasking skills which, until recently lay dormant in many of us.

So now that we shop, work, play and socialise online; often simultaneously, it makes sense that any business that wants to be successful needs to adapt to this new digital way of life. Most companies have websites these days, but according to recent findings, few of them use social media and the fantastic opportunities for online interaction to their best advantage.

According to Business Insider, “Most brands offer dreadful customer service on social media. One study found that response times have actually worsened recently.” If this is true then there’s one sure fire way to stand out from the crowd; provide amazing social media customer service!

But how can you do this? Surely your customer service team is busy enough dealing with phone calls, emails, maybe even letters? (Remember those?!) After all, it’s only social media so no one really takes it seriously…. Do they? They do! And the vital difference between social media and any other form of communication with your company is that it goes global in an instant. With social media it’s not just important to help the customer in question, but to show others how well you deal with queries and complaints – and how very highly you value your customers.

You’d be forgiven for assuming that something so vitally important would take a lot of time, effort and resources – and you’re right, it probably would… If you didn’t use the social media management services of a world-leading company like Crisp.

Crisp provides fast, accurate and effective community management and moderation for your website and social media pages. Not only increasing user engagement by removing spam and inappropriate content, but also alerting you to any customer service issues that arise.

You can tailor the service to meet your own needs; you can be informed of different issues in a way that best suits you and Crisp can deal with them appropriately depending on the level of severity. This means you don’t have to watch your social media pages 24/7 in case a complaint sparks a major PR crisis. It also means your customers will never feel ignored or insignificant, because with Crisp someone is always listening to what they have to say. In fact, Business Insider went on to say: “In several cases, companies facing crises or PR disasters actually came out looking better after using social media to tackle problems head-on.”

So you see, it’s best not to bury your head in the sand but to stand up and brave whatever eventuality is thrown at you so that you can respond with such slick prowess that people won’t remember what the complaint or scandal was about – simply how effortlessly and respectfully you dealt with the situation.

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Crisp’s mission is to provide the fastest detection of critical issues and crises to protect global brands and platforms. From supporting PRs in reputational management and helping pharma brands to remain compliant, to protecting vulnerable individuals from the exploitation of bad actors... wherever social media has the potential to trigger a crisis, you can be sure we have expertise to share.

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