Crisp Unveil Social Risk Matrix at Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

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Remaining at the forefront of digital innovation as a marketer is sometimes a burden - has every eventuality been considered? We've seen the success of many innovative campaigns marred by issues the team and agency hadn’t expected. When our event partners, Innovation Enterprise asked us to exhibit at the event, it was a no brainer.

Not only are we really excited to hear interesting talks including Social Video from BBC World Service Group's Esra Dogramaci and Holly Clarke's What makes Airbnb's Night At Campaigns so Successful but we also felt we had a duty to our fellow digital natives in helping them understand and mitigate social risk. Shared photos, comments and discussions online can all impact brands for good or for bad and a monitoring tool or agency cannot guarantee they will tell the difference.

We know digital teams have already submitted their 2016 marketing plans (or are in the process) so as they look ahead to the New Year, we’ll be providing Social Risk Reviews for all delegates. This is the quickest, most accurate way to assess their brand’s exposure to social risk, see where their security measures are strongest and help them compare their current brand protections with the latest developments in social risk for brands.

Is your brand getting the best defence it deserves? 

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Crisp’s mission is to achieve complete Trust and Safety for everyone on the Social Web. Through world-leading AI and a global team of digital risk experts we will achieve complete online Trust and Safety by protecting brands, social platforms, advertisers and kids from the bad actors that exploit, extort, distress, offend and mis-inform.

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