Social Media Week London 2015 Highlights

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The rise of the connected class 

Whilst September is known to be the busiest month for digital marketers, social media and PR professionals, many found time to host keynote sessions, attend workshops and interact across all social platforms at this year's Social Media Week London, and it was brilliant to be a part of. The theme of the week surrounded 'The rise of the connected class' and whilst we couldn't make all of the sessions, the ones that inspired us included Alexa Clay's Misfit Economy where she posed the question of re-branding violence as an infectious disease to help mitigate the problem. We were wondering should the same be done for online bullies and sexual predators...?  

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Memorable talks

In Neil Davidson's talk on Brands in the time of Tinder we learned how people's relationships are evolving from loyal and monogomous relationships to valuing the shallow and free. Neil went on to use McDonalds as an example here as the 'secret fling' people were having at the weekend 'I'm not lovin' it, but I am having it after the pubs close!'. BBC Click's LJ Rich equally excited us about her take on The Future of Digital Trends where she got the audience to do a Mexican wave on Periscope and it got us thinking about the risks involved with live-streaming as it becomes entrenched in the social mix. 

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Is your brand at risk on social? 

We also found time to host a lunchtime workshop on Social Risk at All Star Lanes where members of the digerati took part in an interactive exercise to understand how well protected they were from social risks. In the spirit of Social Media Week, we provided lunch, bowling and sent everyone a personalised Social Risk Report equipping them with an extensive overview of where their brand was at risk online to share back at the office.

Social Media Week audience

If you weren't able to make our workshop and are interested in an external overview of where your brand is at risk online request your Social Risk Profile here. We'd like to thank the staff at Social Media Week London for having us, in particular Tom Sharman - see you next year!



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