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Both Burger King and Jeep’s Twitter accounts have been hacked this week, showing just how easy it is for an external threat to cause a serious risk to a brand’s social media reputation. In both instances similar content was added by the hackers, with negative references to company staff and the companies in question being sold to their nearest and dearest competitors. This emphasizes the importance for companies to have a proper brand protection strategy when it comes to managing their social media reputation.

It’s hard to envisage that either of these brands made it easy for the Twitter accounts to be hacked, however it should serve as a warning to other major brands that all of the time and investment put into a social media strategy can be at risk. Being hacked is one of many risks that can have a negative impact on a brands Social Media strategy, albeit a very serious risk and luckily as in these cases, one that was rectified relatively quickly.

You need to be able to identify and react to any social media content or sentiment that can result in a social media crisis immediately, before it escalates out of control and causes serious damage to your brand’s reputation.

There are a variety of threats that you need to be aware of and these can include;

  • Third parties taking ownership / hacking your account.
  • Trending Comments, Posts and Tweets regarding a company or product issue.
  • High profile celebrities or social media influencers complaining about your brand.
  • Threatening behavior towards  your business, property or staff.
  • Threats of self-harm or suicide.

In all of these examples it is important that they are identified as quickly as possible and the correct teams within the business are alerted in real-time so the correct course of action can be taken.

Crisp Social Media Moderation can help businesses pro-actively manage any social media threat or crisis as soon as they start to happen and not several hours later when the damage has been done. Our 24/7 moderation solution;

  • Analyses and categorizes all content added to your social media channels in real-time.
  • Identifies any content that can damage your brands reputation or result in Social Media PR Crisis.
  • Alerts you of the issues straight away via our content workflows.
    • Instantly alerting your teams that are tasked with resolving specific issues, providing them with the all of the information about the threat, enabling them to respond in a timely manner.
  • Our content workflows allow information to be passed to your team via email alerts or we can integrate with your existing business systems used to respond to social media threats

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