Peace of Mind Over the Festive Period

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CrispmasBlogThe holiday period is a time when we see a dramatic rise in social activity. But it's also when brands tend to have lighter cover from their social, PR teams and agencies. Crisp clients can enjoy their celebrations with peace of mind that they'll be informed if an issue needs a fast response.

Unfortunately brand attacks and social media crises can arise any time of day or night, anywhere on the internet. Our team around the world will continue to monitor and moderate social content 24/7 and will make sure the right person is contacted within minutes to deal with brand attacks, suicide threats, trending complaints or any other risky content. They'll be watching videos, scanning images and reading text from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Disqus and other social channels and blogs. 

Our rock-solid service levels hold true as much over this time as any other time of year.  

Our busy Crisp elves wish you a peaceful time over the holidays!

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Crisp’s mission is to achieve complete Trust and Safety for everyone on the Social Web. Through world-leading AI and a global team of digital risk experts we will achieve complete online Trust and Safety by protecting brands, social platforms, advertisers and kids from the bad actors that exploit, extort, distress, offend and mis-inform.

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