Looking for the next generation to keep Crisp at the forefront of AI

crisp-2 (1).jpgWe don’t have the luxury of living in the here and now at Crisp. We’re always looking to the future to make sure we protect our clients from the latest threats, before they even happen. To do this we need the very best technical minds on board today, and that’s why we’re at Leeds Digital Jobs Fair 3.0 this Friday, 28th April 2017.

We will be on the look-out for:

  • DevOps Engineers
  • Developers (JavaScript)
  • Social Media Insight Analysts
  • Account Managers

From our global hub in Leeds, we protect a total of over 1.3 billion Facebook fans and deal with over 3 billion pieces of user generated content every month, identifying risks across images, videos and text in over 50 languages. To do this, we are pushing the forefront of real-time machine learning and, with the reputations of the world’s best known companies and their social media followers’ safety at stake, frankly we can’t afford to get anything wrong!

It takes incredible skill. We process billions of signals and guarantee to identify serious risks such as fake news, groomers and PR crises, with incredible accuracy in real-time. Our teams develop and use the latest technologies such as Elastic Search, Couchbase, and AngularJS to deliver a massively scalable architecture. We work to agile ‘first principles’ and everyone contributes to the way in which we protect the world’s largest brands from global social crises.

Leeds is number one for digital innovation

Crisp is not alone in choosing Leeds as its technical headquarters. A recent Leeds List article demonstrates how Leeds’ reputation as a digital hub is spreading. Crisp and other major digital companies, such as Sky Betting and Gaming, Jet2.com and Hitachi Capital, talk of how Leeds is ‘where tech is at’. Thanks to huge investment from innovative start-ups and established big brands, Leeds is becoming famous across the UK, if not the world, for attracting the very best technical minds at the moment.

If you are a student, graduate or more experienced and looking for a role with Crisp in machine learning, web development or big data analysis, visit stand 18 at Leeds Digital Job Fair 3.0 on 28th April 2017, 12 – 4pm, at First Direct Arena.