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Social Moderation Pioneer Crisp Combines Human Moderation and a Sophisticated Workflow Engine to Eliminate Branded Social Media Risk.

Social moderation provider Crisp today introduced the industry’s first moderation service to eliminate the risk of "outbound" social media gaffes from companies and institutions.

The service, built in response to the recent spate of offensive content originating from the social media accounts of some high profile company brands, combines human moderation with a sophisticated workflow engine that instantly intercepts every tweet or post made by the brand before it goes public to ensure it complies with brand policy. This distinctive hybrid approach works 24/7 in 50 languages without compromising the brand’s ability to engage with constituents in real-time across its social media channels

Crisp CEO and Founder Adam Hildreth.

“It’s one thing to quickly identify and remove offensive consumer-generated content in a brand’s owned social media channels, but something entirely different when a brand’s internal social media manager or customer service rep either intentionally or inadvertently tweets or posts something offensive,” observed Adam Hildreth, founder/CEO of Crisp, which pioneered the concept of 24/7 social media moderation. “Given the recent incidents involving some high profile brands, we developed the industry’s first solution to eliminate such risk, while at the same time preserving the ability to engage with fans, followers and customers in real-time.”

Technology alone cannot detect if a tweet or Facebook post is inappropriately timed based on something in the news. Nor can it protect against employee collusion that may occur when internal company changes (e.g., layoffs, acquisitions, etc.) that could leave a brand vulnerable to its own people. In fact, a company’s own “outbound” messages can be far more damaging than consumer-generated tweets and posts, especially if the brand has a large social following and the offensive message languishes in the channel for all to see and share.

Employing a 24/7 dedicated team of people to monitor all outbound communications, as well as engage customers and monitor for offensive inbound consumer posts is very costly, and would still require a moderation workflow engine to allow the team to “approve” or not. Crisp’s new service is both scalable and cost-effective, i.e., every single comment made by a customer service rep or social media manager quickly and efficiently goes through the process.

The new outbound moderation service can be quickly integrated into a brand’s existing social engagement and publishing tools. The social media moderation company is currently rolling it out to its current Crisp customers, and will make it available to new customers over the coming weeks and months.

“Brand managers are very scared about what their employees say online despite recognizing the need to engage with customers,” Hildreth added. “It comes down to who’s controlling what your employees are saying in the moment. You could be fine for years with a traditional community manager, but it only takes one accidental copy and paste or one disgruntled employee to make you the next brand trending on Twitter.”

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