Monitoring and moderation - what's the difference?

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Over the last few years technology has seen a huge gain in momentum, causing changes so rapid and frequent that they can be difficult to keep up with. With new technological developments comes new terminology and a whole new vocabulary to grasp. Having new meanings assigned to once familiar words is bound to cause a bit of confusion every now and again.

An example that often creates a few misunderstandings is the difference between moderation and monitoring. This may seem like an easy mistake to make because these two words might sound somewhat interchangeable – but in fact they’re not interchangeable at all.



Social media monitoring involves scanning and filtering online content for relevant conversations. Monitoring is used to keep up to date with what the online community is saying about your brand, and although monitoring can give you the insight you need to decide on your next course of action, in itself it is purely an observational tool and can't change any aspect of what has been posted.

As it is already impossible to interfere with anything posted on Twitter, it is monitoring rather than moderation that is used to keep on top of brand-related tweets. Crisp Thinking monitors Twitter 24/7 and alerts brands to what is being said about them. This enables the brand to act quickly when tweets require a response and set PR strategies in motion at the drop of a hat. This protects brands from social PR crises that can be triggered by a trending issue on Twitter.


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Social media moderation also observes content but it is different in that it can also intervene. Moderation is the process of taking action against the content that is being monitored and it is moderation; not monitoring that enables a brand to directly react to content rather than simply viewing it. Effective social media moderation detects inappropriate content and takes action against it; removing, blocking and reporting anything that the brand doesn’t want to be associated with in order to preserve brand image online.

The best moderation solutions learn from experience, picking up how to deal with new situations to grow in intelligence. This is exactly what Crisp Thinking’s online moderation service does – our machine learning algorithms flag up anything they are unsure of to our highly skilled human moderators who take an action against the issue. Crisp’s technology then remembers how this previously uncertain situation was dealt with and from then on deals with it itself.


To sum up…

Monitoring provides brands with vital information and insight that helps them come up with effective social media strategies.

Moderation protects your brand and preserves your strategy and online brand image.

Crisp Thinking provides a powerful combination of 24/7 moderation and monitoring to create a potent cocktail of unbeatable online brand protection.



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