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The life of a Community Manager can be a lonely and frustrating affair at times when nobody else in your organisation really understands your role and you have no peers to seek advice from.

That’s why Crisp thinks that one of the greatest resources a Community Manager can have is access to a community of their own peers to share knowledge with, seek advice from and bounce ideas off.

We’re therefore proud to be involved in the Virtual Community Summit taking place on February 9th in London. It’s an event created by, and aimed at, people who manage online communities. We’ll be there sharing our perspective, along with a whole host of online community professionals who’ll be speaking on a wide range of subjects and taking part in lively panel discussions.

If you’d like to share other Community Managers’ experiences and also learn what Crisp can do for you, we hope to see you at Vircomm.  You can grab a £30 discount on the ticket price by booking through here.


Adam Hildreth

Written by Adam Hildreth

CEO and Co-Founder Crisp. Passionate about the best ways to moderate and manage Social Media and User Generated Content. Lover of Extreme sports including Sky Diving, Ice Climbing and Mountain Biking.

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