LEGO's new Lego Life gives kids the freedom to play safely online

Posted by Crisp on

Lego has just put a big smile on our faces at Crisp! The new Lego Life social network app is packed with features to keep under 13s safe while they play online.

Kids can join Lego Life to chat to friends, share Lego creations and even learn as they play in a safe environment. Plus there's something for parents too - robust protection will give them peace of mind as their children play safely.

It’s great to see that kids’ online safety has been put at the very heart of this app and we’re sure it’ll be a huge success. It's not just us who think so. GuidingTech love the fact that Lego Life is free to download, Fast Company think it's a safe alternative to Facebook for children, and BBC News bill it as a 'child-friendly Lego-themed Instagram'.


Written by Crisp

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