Leeds Digital Festival 2019: the round up

We have finally had a moment to catch our breath after the 11 days and 230+ events of Leeds Digital Festival 2019 and it is safe to say that the Crisp team have enjoyed every minute of it. 

From hosting three events and speaking at the Women in Leeds Digital (WiLD) conference, we were also drawn to attend a variety of other events across the city, interacting and engaging with others who are as passionate about the digital world as we are.

For those who weren’t able to get tickets, we’ve got you covered. Below is a quick rundown of our own events, and some highlights of other events that members of our team attended.

Crisp events

How Yorkshire-built technology helps fight the global exploitation of children online - Tuesday 23rd April

DSC02364-2On opening day, Crisp collaborated with INHOPE and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to host a talk on how together they are stamping out child sexual abuse online and helping the world’s online communities stay safe in 2019 and beyond.

David Hunter, Programme Manager at Crisp, detailed how technology built in the heart of Yorkshire allows children to learn and play safely on social platforms and online communities without the major threats of sexual exploitation, grooming, or cyberbullying. 

Fred Langford, President of INHOPE and Deputy CEO of IWF, then provided detail about how INHOPE’s 46 hotlines across the world, including the IWF, minimises the availability of child sexual abuse content online and prevent re-victimisation.

Enabling rapid response for brands facing social media crises - Monday 29th April

DSC02562-Pano-min (1)In the 24/7 world of social media, a brand crisis can hit harder and faster than ever before. Now that a brand’s value is tied to its reputation, it is crucial that brands - big and small - can rapidly respond to a crisis to take control. 

David Hunter was joined by Jo Sheldon, Risk Consultant at Crisp, to dissect how Crisp is the first to recognise emerging risks and trends in the myriad of social media mentions and provide fast, precise and effective detection of critical issues facing the world's biggest brands.

The presentation provoked discussion from the audience about the latest crises to hit brands, their impact on reputation and finances, as well as if they were dealt with well. One thing this made clear - it is no longer if a brand will experience a crisis, it is when.

Discussion with Google: scaling your applications in Google Cloud - Wednesday 1st May

DSC02637-minJamie Dearnley, VP of Engineering at Crisp, spoke alongside Google Cloud’s Aamar Hussain to lead a panel discussion on cloud scaling. Aamar outlined Google's vision for flexible, co-operative cloud scaling and outlined how companies are now embracing cloud-native application development.

Jamie then gave a live demonstration of how Crisp have scaled their platform using the tools that Google provide to take a non-cloud-ready application and easily scale it without needing to make code changes, before leading a Q&A session.

WiLD conference - Thursday 2nd May

WILD (1)WiLD hosted its first full day conference at this year’s festival, aiming to showcase the full range of careers women hold within the digital sector. Karley Chadwick, a Digital Threat Researcher at Crisp, was invited here to represent us.

Karley spoke to students about how her inquisitive mind led her to study languages (German, French, and Italian) and how this ended up taking her to an unexpected career in the digital sector, here at Crisp. Her valuable research into potential risks, including hate speech and radicalisation, helps to protect both brands and everyday internet users. As Karley said, “the greatest thing about working here is the difference that we as a team make.”

Highlights from the rest of Leeds Digital Festival 2019

We also attended 25 LDF events organised by other companies. Two events that stood out for us were Bolser’s UI/UX, Back to Basics and Alternative Facts: Fake news and disinformation in the Post-Truth age. Back to Basics invited guest speakers from a range of different professions. These speakers suggested that expert project management, in any discipline, depends on a strategy of decluttering and uncomplicating a project pipeline. Alternative Facts highlighted the growing necessity to challenge the accuracy of information we see online with some shocking examples. It made for thought-provoking discussion about the impact of fake news on society and the sharing of practical tips for helping identify misinformation.

Crisp provides the fastest recognition of harmful social content. If you think like us, if you're ready for a challenge, join us in the fight against toxic content online.

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