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Leeds is known for its vibrant tech scene, but not many people know that there is a global hub of AI excellence based in this Yorkshire city.

At Crisp we're leading the way in Artificial Intelligence, providing solutions for some of the biggest companies on the planet. Over the next few years we will be investing millions more in our machine learning and artificial intelligence development to evolve social media risk management.

We are developing our AI excellence hub by continuously innovating, testing and being inspired by fresh thinking. This is why we will be looking for the very best minds to join us at Leeds Digital Jobs Fair on 28th February. Book your FREE ticket here.

"You will be given these difficult problems to solve”

Right now at Crisp we moderate billions of pieces of user-generated content every month, originating from the most popular social platforms. We have been training our AI for 10 years and use it to identify ‘bad actors’ such as extremists, groomers, and haters.

A major part of our AI innovation is natural language parsing (NLP). We use NLP to derive the context of social media comments and define the intent of what is being said. From here we can build up profiles of commenters’ other activities online and reveal what kind of person they are.

Peter Maude, Chief Technology Officer here at Crisp said, “We are trying to solve the question of how we discover more about a commenter and the level of ‘bad actor’ they are. As a Developer at Crisp, you need to be a creative thinker because you will be given these difficult problems to solve.” 

Whether you are (or want to be) a Developer, AI specialist, DevOps Engineer or Big Data Scientist, if you want to play your part in developing Crisp’s AI hub of excellence, talk to us on stand 17 at Leeds Digital Jobs Fair 4.0 on 28th February.

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