Is someone tricking your customers right now?

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Is someone tricking your customers?

With more companies than ever turning to social media as a key customer service channel, are you sure that your brand’s official social channel is the only one customers are using? Has a fake social account been set up by fraudsters to trick your customers into giving away personal and account details?

2016 statistics show that of 4,840 social media accounts supposedly owned by global brands, nearly one in five (19%) were fake.

To help protect your customers from ‘angler phishing’ social media accounts, we put together our top ‘spot and stop’ tips for MarTech Series. Read them here.


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Crisp’s mission is to achieve complete Trust and Safety for everyone on the Social Web. Through world-leading AI and a global team of digital risk experts we will achieve complete online Trust and Safety by protecting brands, social platforms, advertisers and kids from the bad actors that exploit, extort, distress, offend and mis-inform.

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