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Are you making the most of the amazing customer service opportunities that social media offers? If not then you’re massively missing a trick and being left lagging behind the majority of brands who are utilising social networks to their best advantage.

The pace of everyday life doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon and people no longer have the time or the patience to call a customer service number, only to be left on hold listening to Green Sleeves for what can often seem like an eternity.

Customers are also getting weary of emailing companies with their issues and complaints as the response tends to be tediously slow if at all existent. This is why more and more people are turning to social media for their customer service needs. Savvy internet users have twigged that posting in a public domain provokes a much speedier and efficient response from brands because they don’t want to be seen to be ignoring their customers.

Replies are prompt and personal, giving customers the instant gratification they crave and a real-time interaction directly with the brand. With no waiting around, no annoying music and the lovely feeling that someone is listening and cares, it’s no wonder social media customer service is proving such a hit.

The brands that don't see this method of communication as a two-way conversation need to listen up! Using social media as a way of merely broadcasting your message to an audience is out-dated and down-right annoying. If you do this, you may aswell drive through the streets shouting into a megaphone - I guaruntee it will have the same effect; irritate people and make them block their ears to what ever it is you're trying to say. The brands that do this don’t allow users to post on their walls, making them appear ignorant and cold. Some are all too willing the let people post publicly about their brand… just as long as what is posted is positive, and they quickly delete anything they don’t agree with.

Social media pages should be moderated, not censored and ignoring customers or deleting their posts will immediately frustrate them. If a complaint is made it will reflect much better on the brand if a customer service team picks it up and replies as soon as possible, for the whole world to see. This way, customers know they are valued, and other users can see that the brand treats people with respect - all of which will mean massive Brownie points for the brand's reputation.

But how do companies provide 24-hour customer service without employing round-the-clock staff? Simple, they implement a social media management company like Crisp. Crisp provides social media moderation and management to brands that want to protect their pages from spam and inappropriate user generated content. This means you don’t have to close your wall to comments and you are able to leave the channel of communication open, safe in the knowledge that users and rival companies aren’t wreaking havoc on your brand page or damaging your reputation.

Crisp also provides social media crisis management, alerting you to any issues that appear to be gaining momentum so that they can be dealt with accordingly – such as a complaint that has been repeatedly shared or looks likely to receive press attention. Using Crisp’s online community management means that any customer queries or complaints are immediately identified and dealt with - providing a fantastically fast and reliable service to your customers.

Crisp removes the risk and facilitates all of the benefits of social media customer service. We help to keep your existing customers happy, attract new customers and improve your brand's reputation, enabling your company to thrive. To find out how you can use this to your advantage, simply click the button below.

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Crisp’s mission is to provide the fastest detection of critical issues and crises to protect global brands and platforms. From supporting PRs in reputational management and helping pharma brands to remain compliant, to protecting vulnerable individuals from the exploitation of bad actors... wherever social media has the potential to trigger a crisis, you can be sure we have expertise to share.

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