How to stop your Instagram ads damaging your brand

If your next Instagram campaign is scheduled, you need to know for sure that you will not also be paying to promote negative and damaging comments on your ads too. Here’s how to easily moderate comments on your Instagram ads, and why you need to.


With engagement reaching 10 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook and 54 times higher than Twitter, it’s no wonder that Instagram is such a competitive marketing space.

Brands are investing strongly in these platforms as a result. Overall, over $36 billion was spent on paid social last year, which is predicted to rise to $100 billion by 2021. Some of the world’s biggest brands are already spending over $1 million a month on Instagram ads alone. With such large investment, there’s huge pressure on Social Media Managers to ensure that their campaigns perform at their very best.

Audiences are carefully studied, selected and refined from Facebook and Instagram’s incredibly nuanced audience parameters (another reason for Instagram’s unrivalled hit rates). Split-testing with maybe a hundred creative executions is an essential part of the campaign strategy and, once the campaign goes live, maximizing likes and regrams becomes the priority.

But are you paying to promote negative comments too?

As Instagram ads do not appear in your brand’s Instagram feed – only on the target user’s feed  you'll only see comments in your ad manager software. Because you’re advertising to an audience who may not have an affinity with your brand or merchandise, you’re likely to get a wider range of comments than you would with an engaged audience. They may well be positive endorsements of the product or service you’re advertising, but what if:

  • the comments are all negative about your latest product?
  • someone decides to post links to a fake version of your product for half the price?
  • or activists hijack your ad to attack your brand?
Social media ad moderation toolkit


The 4 most damaging types of comments left on Instagram ads

Unfortunately these negative comments can be the norm, not the exception, and not only can they lead to a drop in sales, they can do lasting damage to your brand reputation. The most common types of comments Crisp sees on Instagram ads are:

  1. Negative product feedback and customer complaints – Unflattering reviews of the product in the advert or comments asking “Why are you showing this to me?”, “Leave me alone, I hate your brand”, “Stop spamming me with adverts”.
  2. Brand criticism and PR issues – An ad campaign can be completely derailed by other external matters relating to the brand, in particular wider ethical issues.
  3. Unanswered customer service queries – Customers demand global brands to be responsive and have a real dialogue with them on social media. So ignoring or not monitoring your ads for buying signals such as “How much is this?”, “Where can I buy this?”, “Is this coat available in blue?” is like seeing money literally flow away.
  4. Links to counterfeit goods – A link posted on your ad to a cut-price fake version of your advertised item will not only impact sales but could damage your brand reputation too if the item is substandard.
Instagram advert comments - shoes
Instagram advert comments - beauty brand

How can you take control of Instagram ad comments?

You will only see if comments are being left by checking each ad in Facebook Business Manager. Here you can view and moderate comments, but you will need to take multiple steps to find the comments on every single ad. When you run campaigns containing hundreds of adverts, this is an almost impossible task, that needs to take place continuously and around the clock to be effective.

Many leading brands use a service like Crisp’s Instagram ad moderation service. It monitors for comments in real time and provides 24/7 human review to manage any inappropriate content, as well as flag any comments that need attention (such as price enquiries).

If you’re planning your social media ad spend in 2018, and want to be certain you're maximising your investment, then make sure you’ve included ad moderation in your overall social marketing strategy. After all, if your ads are going to get 10 times more likes and comments on Instagram, you want them all to be positive.

Read more about Crisp’s Instagram ad moderation service here. Download your free Social Media Ad Moderation Toolkit by clicking on the image below.

Social media ad moderation toolkit