How to Protect Your Luxury Brand from Social Media Risks [Free Ebook]

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For many luxury professionals, recent years have seen some turbulent changes for the industry at large. A changing buyers landscape, due to an upsurge in online customers, has turned the industry on its head over the last 12 months. 

For custodians of luxury brands, this has been a cause for concern. The rapid growth of online customers (and online counterfeiters) sharing information on social media, have caused a loss of control of what is shared, commented on, liked and disliked about a brand. Download This Free eBook

With communities growing rapidly on Instagram and Facebook, those responsibile for maintaining a brand's reputation online realise they need more protection than ever.  

We're here to help. Our latest eBook ' A Guide to Brand Protection on Social Media for Luxury' provides an overview of how to protect your brand against issues like escalating PR crises, online counterfeit, spam, trolling and a myriad of other issues. In this eBook you'll learn:

  • Top issues facing luxury brands on social media
  • Tools & techniques to enhance your risk intelligence
  • Best practice on how to protect your brand 24/7

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Written by Crisp

Crisp’s mission is to achieve complete Trust and Safety for everyone on the Social Web. Through world-leading AI and a global team of digital risk experts we will achieve complete online Trust and Safety by protecting brands, social platforms, advertisers and kids from the bad actors that exploit, extort, distress, offend and mis-inform.

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