How to avoid scheduling a crisis over the holidays

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With Christmas campaigns scheduled, PR teams across the globe may be merrily clocking off for the holidays but our Head of Trust and Safety, Emma Monks, raises a note of caution: the holidays are also “a perfect storm for crisis” as highlighted to PRNews Editor, Seth Arenstein.

A recent study shows that retailers can expect on average 32% more social messages per day this holiday season than in 2017 and 25% of all returns in the US are done right after Christmas. Add in the fact that customer expectations are higher than normal and online customer service teams are spread thinner than the chances of holiday snow in California, Emma’s words are ringing true.

Being the season for giving, Emma has shared her tips with PRNews about how PRs can avoid all these pitfalls, protect their brand’s reputation and still relax over the holidays. 

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PRNews article - Happy holidays

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