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Since we launched our new ad audit service last week, it’s attracted interest from some of the world’s largest companies. In the face of concerns over brand safety on webpages and video channels, our service gives advertisers the confidence to re-instate their online campaigns without the risk of appearing against inappropriate content.

Many brands are keen to find out more about how our solution works, so here we explain in more detail.

Q: How can the advert audit service prevent ads being placed next to inappropriate content?

Crisp: Working in real-time, our technology assesses the content on the webpage or channel where a brand’s ad is shown. It reviews all user generated content including videos, image, text and comments, and classifies each against over 120 different risk types in 50 languages. If the content does not meet an advertiser’s brand guidelines, the webpage or channel is immediately withdrawn from the advertiser’s approved network.

Q: Why should brands take this step to protect themselves?

Crisp: Brand safety and reputation is now a critical concern for all brands. More and more advertising spend is moving online, and advertisers expect the same types of controls as they get with traditional broadcast media. However, every brand is unique and understanding what does and doesn’t match a brand’s guidelines requires specific skill - there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for publishers to decide what content is good or bad.   

Q: How will this help a brand take more control over where their ads are seen?

Crisp: At Crisp, we understand our customer’s brand values and the appropriate level of content for their audience. By moderating and rating every webpage and channel that an ad has appeared on and creating a blacklist of toxic webpages and channels, our customers have complete certainty that their ad will not appear against content that is inappropriate for their brand and audience.

Q: Why is this service so significant for advertisers?

Crisp: Big-spending brands have been pulling their advertising from online sites due to fears of appearing next to illegal, offensive and toxic user generated content. This service gives brands the confidence to re-instate their advertising without the associated risk.


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