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We’ve all logged in to our computers and seen automatic updates launch. Whilst it’s not always obvious what has been updated, we take a leap of faith that the programme is still safe to use and won’t put us, or our customers, at risk.

Reporting system bugs to the Facebook team following these updates is not new amongst developers. In fact, Facebook has a dedicated developers’ section specifically for that purpose, to help the social platform provide the very best experience it can for its users.

The Facebook developer team routinely fix issues that impact user experience or design quirks; but they also remedy more major concerns such as those the Crisp team raise.

Social account security is paramount at Crisp. We need to be able to alert our clients to any unsavoury posts or potential security issues in real-time and within 15 minutes of the post going live. That’s why we put every Facebook update through its paces and quickly report major issues that may affect our clients’ Facebook account access, its security, or our ability to monitor their page.

In 2016 alone, Crisp developers raised over fifteen issues that could have potentially threatened the integrity of our clients’ Facebook page and one major security concern that could have left our clients’ accounts open to abuse.

By continuously reporting bugs, the team at Crisp are not only protecting the Facebook pages of some of the world’s top brands, we’re also helping to improve the experience for every Facebook user.

Adam Hildreth

Written by Adam Hildreth

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