Fashion brands can use moderation to remove spam on Instagram

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The various social networks hold something for all kinds of brands that are looking to market themselves to a global audience. Facebook and Twitter provide excellent platforms to; publish breaking news, conduct surveys and launch campaigns, but for brands with a more visually stimulating product there’s one social media site that takes the proverbial biscuit – Instagram.

Fashion brands are the obvious example here, it’s difficult to explain to a potential customer how fantastic an item of clothing is without showing it to them – so it’s almost impossible to make them want to buy it without seeing it first. No one wants to run the risk of looking like they got dressed in the dark by shopping blindfolded, so posting beautiful pictures of the latest collections is a sure-fire way to spark the interest of fashionistas all around the world and have them lustfully salivating over the label’s hottest new trends.

Publishing pictures of the season’s must-haves is not the only benefit of using social media; as well as enticing the audience to purchase products; it can also be used to encourage them to post their own snazzy snaps. Getting fans involved in this way not only increases engagement and improves sentiment, it also provides masses of free advertising as customers with a passion for fashion post pictures of themselves modelling clothing and accessories - proving to potential buyers that the collections look fantastic on ‘real people’ as well as the immaculate models they see in glossy magazines.

Although using social media to make sales soar and popularity boom has an abundance of benefits for not just fashion brands, but any brand; there will always be inherent risks involved too. With Instagram (as with all social networks) it’s common for brand accounts to be plagued with spam; cheapening the polished image of fashion brands and ruining user enjoyment. It looks unprofessional, it’s annoying, it’s irritating… but it’s also avoidable.

Many top fashion brands implement a social media management and moderation company to ensure their fans and customers receive the highest standard of digital interaction. User generated content moderation (UGC moderation), comment moderation and online community management provide a slick and refined level of social media customer service and an online experience smooth and professional enough to live up to the top-notch face-to-face attention they would receive in a high-end store.

Fashion is a global phenomenon, growing and changing every second of every day, so with customers all around the world eager to keep up-to-date with what’s hot and what’s not, it’s important that a brand’s social media pages are also moderated and managed around-the-clock. Crisp keeps its finger on the pulse of latest events, and providing such a comprehensive, accurate, and effective high-speed management and moderation service in more than 50 languages, 24/7, means that whether users are in Paris, London, New York, Milan… or even somewhere altogether less glamorous, their experience of your brand won’t be compromised due to time zone or language.

Just like all the leading fashion labels, Crisp provides a worldwide service of the highest quality and constantly evolves and develops to be the very best in its industry.

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