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Global leader in social media moderation Crisp has surpassed all other providers by being the first to integrate with every major social channel, evolving its service at lightning-fast speed to help brands protect their reputations, monitor issues and strengthen their online communities.

Crisp’s online moderation platform is the first to offer full support for all major social platforms, including YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest, along with its existing support for Facebook and Twitter.

Until now, brands had no real solution for managing and moderating social content, and would instead rely on agencies or internal teams manually trawling through thousands of pages of content.

Crisp’s CEO Adam Hildreth explains: “Moderating and managing content is a different challenge to that of publishing or analytics – we have to capture all content in near real-time to protect against social PR crises or risks to a brands’ reputation. Most other platforms don’t have the ability to pull in content quickly or guarantee they see everything – Crisp can do both.

“We’re proud to be the first social media moderation provider to offer moderation for all of the big names in social media. It’s great that our clients can now use such a wide variety of platforms to promote their brand, without the risks associated with entering the public domain. With Crisp they don’t have to worry about what platform to use or the implications of content moderation – we take care of it all.”

Proving itself to always be one step ahead of the game, Crisp also recently developed functionality to moderate photo replies to brand posts on Facebook within 24-hours of the new feature being launched by the social network - protecting brands from inappropriate images and helping them embrace new opportunities.

Crisp offers the highest service levels in the industry – guaranteeing 95% of all high-priority and unsuitable content is moderated within five minutes, and provides 24/7 cover by default.

Crisp is consistently at the forefront of new developments and supports hundreds of global brands. It removes spam, offensive and unsuitable content, giving companies the 24-hour security needed to keep an open line of communication with their customers, ensuring the reputation of the brand is kept intact and customers feel valued rather than ignored.

Adam added: “Our moderation service can be easily adapted to the needs and requirements of any brand, creating workflows to dictate the preferred course of action in different situations; from almost instantly removing offensive content, to alerting companies to potential social PR crises. Crisp also tracks sentiment for every post and comment, providing brands with real-time feedback on audience reactions.

“Here at Crisp we are constantly improving, developing and evolving our moderation service so that we remain one step ahead and can guarantee our clients receive the highest level of support and protection in such a fast-paced online environment.”

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Crisp’s mission is to provide the fastest detection of critical issues and crises to protect global brands and platforms. From supporting PRs in reputational management and helping pharma brands to remain compliant, to protecting vulnerable individuals from the exploitation of bad actors... wherever social media has the potential to trigger a crisis, you can be sure we have expertise to share.

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