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Here at Crisp the countdown has begun to our eagerly anticipated blast off into space. SSTL is launching a spacecraft which features content moderation provider Crisp Thinking's logo.

As a proud supporter of charity Disability Challengers, we have been given the exciting opportunity to have the Crisp logo engraved on a special plaque mounted onto a Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) spacecraft.

This may sound a little too sci-fi to be true, but it’s a story that first began back in 2011 when an unexpected gap on spacecraft TechDemoSat-1, presented exciting prospects. TechDemoSat-1 was designed to fly an impressive set of new and innovative payloads for industry and academia into space. When one of the original additional payloads was scrapped three years ago, something was needed to fill the unexpected void.

IEarthn order not to compromise the design, structural requirements and test campaign of the spacecraft, it was vital that the replacement piece weighed the same as the missing cargo. Rather than sending a blank piece of metal into the stratosphere, it was decided to give a deserving charity the amazing chance to get their name in to space - and Crisp has the honour of accompanying them on their mission.

Crisp’s CEO and founder Adam Hildreth said: “We are so excited and humbled to be a part of such a fantastic project – and to be supporting such a good cause in the process makes it all the more incredible.SSTL and online moderation company Crisp Thinking support Disability Challengers.

“We’ve worked hard to make Crisp a global moderation company, and we’re very grateful for the chance to have our name rocketed up into orbit. This is a once in a life time opportunity and one that we are immensely appreciative of.

“Just like Crisp, SSTL is the world-leader in its industry and we are pleased to be united in our support of Disability Challengers.”

More information about the mission can be found here. Or to find out more about Crisp, simply click the button below.

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