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Crisp Thinking’s CEO and founder Adam Hildreth has spoken out about what we can learn from the recent US Airways global PR crisis.  Writing for the world's leading communications and public relations publication PR Week, Adam explained the importance of Crisp Thinking's CEO and Founder Adam Hildrethensuring that a brand’s social channels and the people who manage them serve to represent the company in a way that will benefit the business.

Having the right people and prearranged workflows in place to deal with each potential online risk to a brand ensures that a crisis can be dealt with quickly, effectively and with the highest level of professionalism. This means that even if a PR crisis does strike, the situation is diffused so swiftly that few people hear about it, avoiding a devastating worldwide blow to the brand’s reputation.

In his article entitled ‘Five ways to make sure your social media manager won’t embarrass you’, Adam gives invaluable advice on how to prevent any humiliating social media slip-ups, explaining among other things, the importance of 24/7 social media moderation and monitoring.

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