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Facebook has announced the launch of a new feature which enables fans to respond to brand posts with photos – giving them the power to make or break a brand’s reputation in a matter of clicks.

There are pros and cons to the introduction of this new function. Photo responses increase engagement but also carry many risks, as pictures are even more powerful than words and can instantly create a good or bad impression. Crisp is the first moderation provider to have the technology and ability to help you prevent the negatives and embrace the positives of photo response, making your brand thrive online.

So let’s discuss the bad news first… there are huge risks involved when allowing users to post pictures on your brand’s wall because anything on your wall is instantly associated with your brand. This means inappropriate, obscene images could be tarnishing your online reputation - driving users away from your page and customers away from your product.

But this is where we come in! The good news is that Crisp’s 24/7 social media moderation service now supports photo comment moderation and removes inappropriate content lightning-fast, so you can focus on giving your users a top-notch online experience.

The photo comment function will be active on your page unless you alter your settings. But by turning this off and tuning out your fans you would be missing a fantastic opportunity to increase user engagement and boost the popularity of your brand. Allowing moderated images to be posted on your page can create:

  • Increased user engagement driving traffic to your page
  • More product advertising with no added expense
  • Improved customer service.

Crisp’s CEO Adam Hildreth explains: “We are constantly ensuring that our clients are protected from latest possible threats to their social media branding.

"Facebook’s implementation of a photo response feature has certainly introduced great new ways for brands to engage with their customers, but it has also introduced new risks.

"We immediately took action to ensure that the companies we cover would be protected from these risks. When you have a reputation for providing the highest level of social media moderation for hundreds of global brands, the only way to maintain this is to stay ahead in the game.”

If you would like to try photo comments out on your brand page, why not take advantage of a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of our 24/7 social media moderation service.  

Free Social Media Moderation Trial

Pictures speak a thousand words about your brand – Crisp makes sure those words are positive!


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Crisp’s mission is to provide the fastest detection of critical issues and crises to protect global brands and platforms. From supporting PRs in reputational management and helping pharma brands to remain compliant, to protecting vulnerable individuals from the exploitation of bad actors... wherever social media has the potential to trigger a crisis, you can be sure we have expertise to share.

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