Crisp announces fully managed safety service to transform how Social Platforms keep kids safe

After five years of development, and real-world roll-outs with some of the largest digital kids platforms, Crisp has now officially launched its fully managed ‘Kids and Teens’ safety & moderation service. This service is set to transform the way Social Platforms deliver safe experiences for their younger users.

Why guaranteeing online safety is crucial for Social Platforms

The pressure on Social Platforms to provide a safe environment for young users online has increased substantially over the last year. A global media outcry, together with widespread backlash from governments and parents alike, has impacted massively on brand reputations, leading to the removal of apps from app stores and advertiser withdrawals over brand safety concerns.

Crisp for Kids and Teens is a fully managed moderation & safety service that takes care of all aspects of user generated content safety for Social Platforms as well as delivering both COPPA and GDPR compliant functionality. Crisp removes the need for Social Platforms to outsource or employ their own human moderation teams, and is set to transform the level of safety platforms provide while also providing significant operational cost savings. 

Crisp for Kids and Teens provides Social Platforms with 24/7 protection from:

  • toxic user generated content threats (text, chat, image, video) including offensive, sexual, pornographic and hate-related content
  • bad actor threats, such as sexual predators, cyberbullies, terrorism recruiters and trolls

It also provides safeguarding for vulnerable users from issues such as self-harm and suicide.  

The service combines Crisp’s patented world leading real-time AI technology platform with a global team of 24/7 multi-lingual safeguarding experts, risk analysts and human moderators. Together the service offers guaranteed levels of protection, as well as an assurance of human intervention within 15 minutes, when required, on a global scale with over 50 languages covered.

Crisp for Kids and Teens is changing the way Social Platforms deliver safe experiences

Traditionally Social Platforms have managed the issue with either basic filtering and moderation technology, together with the hiring of large teams of human moderators. The consequence of this approach has been:

  • Inability to quickly identify and prevent serious child safety issues such as online grooming and bullying leading to large scale negative press coverage
  • Ineffective real-time filtering that over-blocks and doesn’t keep up with the latest risk lingo
  • Lack of 24/7, fast, human intervention for child safeguarding issues
  • Large disproportionate cost of delivery without the associated safety or business ROI.

Crisp for Kids and Teens transforms the way social platforms are moderated, by providing a cost-effective, scalable safety-as-a-service solution, which frees up social platform’s time and budget to focus on their core offering.

Complete online safety:

  • Guaranteed 99.99% accurate identification of serious bad actor threats such as grooming and cyberbullying.
  • Guaranteed 15 minute human intervention for full account review of bad actors
  • End-to-end managed Law Enforcement liaison and escalation of issues

Focus on gameplay maintained:

  • Dynamic Chat Filtering system that limits potential bad actors whilst allowing Trusted users more freedom of expressions
  • Automated Reward System for positive community members
  • Pre, post and real-time automated filtering / moderation of chat, text, image and video

Access to global expertise:

  • Identification of previously unknown trending threats
  • Access to Crisp’s global risk intelligence team
  • Support for over 50 languages and cultures
  • Full COPPA compliant functionality
  • GDPR compliant functionality for:
    • The right to be forgotten
    • Subject access right to data.

Crisp for Kids and Teens can be integrated quickly through REST APIs and in some cases can be automatically switched over from existing filtering systems, with zero code integration required.

Crisp for Kids and Teens also supports the soon-to-be-announced safety standards required for Social Platforms to show publicly how safe they are.

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