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It’s the exclusivity of elite products that makes luxury brands so very desirable and turns fashion accessories into status symbols. It’s therefore highly important that this image and status are preserved if a brand is to retain its label of ‘luxury’.

However, there are many people out there who persistently try to take advantage of the exceptional image and reputation of such a brand by selling counterfeit products. The selling of cheap imitations compromises the exclusivity of your brand, making your products more and more accessible and less and less desirable.

These counterfeit goods are adorned with your brand’s label – associating your immaculate image with substandard products of poor quality and damaging your brand's reputation for producing the very best in the business.

This problem is one that is growing at break-neck speed. Where once it was confined to street stalls or the backs of counterfeiters’ cars, the digital era has created a brand new wave of bootleg traders. The internet has caused the problem to explode on a global scale, with sellers targeting potential customers from all over the world, rather than just those who happen to pass them in the street. Despite perhaps lacking the audacity to attempt to sell mock-ups of a brand’s products on the doorstep of their luxurious stores, the internet has emboldened fake-sellers who are now more than happy to advertise their copies on your brand's social media pages!

Spammers use the social networks of luxury brands to directly target your fans, stealing customers from right under your nose by offering the status of owning a piece from your label at a snip of the cost with a fraction of the class. Not only can this lose luxury brands customers by offering a cheaper alternative, spamming social media channels with adverts can also cheapen the entire image of the brand. This creates a sense of unprofessionalism and chaos that is not expected of such high-end retailers and can therefore deter genuine customers who prefer a flawless, smooth and uninterrupted online brand experience, just as they would receive face-to-face in a store.

What makes dealing with these spammers tricky for a lot of moderation providers, is that they are constantly developing new ways of targeting brand pages. One thing is certain – this breed of spammers is clever, and they seem to pride themselves on finding new ways to get around moderation methods and spam removal undetected so that they can slip silently through the net and abuse the massive following your brand has spent years acquiring.

The latest trick spammers have been using on luxury brand pages is posting totally innocent comments, but doing so under a username that advertises counterfeit goods and links to a profile which leads through to an entire website devoted to the sale of designer fakes. As you can see below:

 Advertising counterfeit goods comment


Advertising counterfeit goods - user profile

Advertising counterfeit goods - fake website


Luckily, social media management and moderation company Crisp is always one step ahead of the game. We continually monitor and detect new spamming techniques and our highly trained moderators are always fully up to speed on how to spot even the most subtle methods of spamming. Ensuring that we evolve at a faster rate means spammers find it impossible to penetrate the unrivaled 24/7 online brand protection that we provide to hundreds of luxury global brands.

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