Comedian Trolls Target's Facebook Page

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Target was in the news today after a trolling comedian posed as a customer service representative. After the US store announced gender-neutral in-store labelling, some of their customers raced to the company’s Facebook page to complain.

AdWeek reports that Mike Melgaard was waiting, having set up a fake Ask ForHelp Facebook account using the company’s logo. He responded to each angry comment with much humour but not in the way that Target themselves would have replied!

According to AdWeek the fake profile was live for 16 hours and it was used to comment on about 50 posts. In this case the joker was supporting Target’s decision but it certainly wasn’t the way the brand would want to conduct itself.

Social risk comes in all guises. No doubt we will see more unfortunate brands suffer at the hands of pranksters as campaigners and comedians find more ways to get themselves heard.

 See the comments on AdWeek’s story here.

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