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Social risk is rocketing up the agenda for brands, online communities and social apps so I thought it was time for an update on our latest product offerings and company growth.

We've got ten years of experience under our belt now and are leading the charge in what we do best: ironclad social risk defense. We deliver 24/7 monitoring and moderation of all social channels, chat and UGC, and we do it unfailingly and with the industry’s only notification and accuracy guarantees. Whether it be defending brands from a social PR crisis, monitoring counterfeit goods or stopping trolls and sexual predators we have it covered. 

Also, we’re growing – a lot. Turns out, when you’re the best in the industry, word gets out. Thanks to a doubling of our client base of some of the world’s most highly regarded brands, we are now 150 people strong across the globe after establishing new teams in sales, account management, marketing, product, customer service and of course our social risk defence teams.

Finally, the brands we defend require the very best social protection and that's why I am pleased to announce our new suite of social risk defense services that cover any scenario a brand may face.  

Social Media Moderation We protect your customers' brand experience by keeping social channels clean from offensive content and spam with a 24/7 moderation solution so airtight, its guaranteed. 

Social Risk Monitoring Early notification can mean the difference between a manageable issue and a full-blown social media crisis. From a brand attack or celebrity complaint, to a fallout from an ad campaign or threat to staff, our team monitors your brand around the clock, alerting you in minutes to an impending issue.

Image and Video Moderation Image and video are powerful engagement drivers for social apps, but offensive, illegal and pornographic content certainly are not, Our service is cost-effective, scalable and  provides the first ever guaranteed levels of detection.

Forum and Comment Moderation Spam and hate speech degrade reader engagement, and even drive readers away. Remove trolls, porn and worse with powerful, accurate and scalable moderation services.

Bad Actor Detection We uncover trolls, sexual predators and worse every day. Our fully-managed service combines patented profiling technology with our 24/7 social risk defense team to guarantee detection of bad actors within social networks, apps, games and forums. 

Kids' Chat Protection  Crisp continues to be the undisputed market leader in online kids’ chat protection. We now offer a managed service to block predators, ensure COPPA compliance, and keep chat engaging by keeping your game or community safe.  

Outbound Social Protection Now Crisp checks everything that goes out from your own social channels in advance, so unintended, hacked or malicious posts won’t damage your brand. 

Social risk is serious and real, but with our committed team of expert social risk defenders and powerful technologies on your side, you can confidently leave the worrying to us.

So if you would you like to learn more about our guaranteed social risk defense services or would like a free social risk audit please do get in touch.


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Adam Hildreth

Written by Adam Hildreth

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