Brands need to be on the ball to win #BrandBowl52

Social media marketing has always been about engagement, but if your brand is going for Twitter’s new #BrandBowl52 trophy, you’ll need more than likes and follows to hit the social media end zone.


During #SB51 Twitter saw a 14% increase in time spent in the app during the Super Bowl and says the “audience isn’t just passively checking Twitter during the game, they’re spending significant time keeping up with and joining the commentary.” Which is why their new Super Bowl competition champions the most engaging brand campaigns in four categories:

  • #MVP: Brand with the highest percentage of all brand related Tweets during #SB52
  • #Blitz: Brand who drove the highest velocity of most Tweets-per-minute
  • #QuarterBack: Brand with the most Retweets on a single Tweet during #SB52
  • #Interception: Brand without a national TV spot that drove the highest % of brand conversation

Game-play strategy

With speed and volume of the essence for taking a Twitter trophy, it will be imperative that brands don’t lose sight of the real goal of engagement – to build enduring connections with customers.

However, with higher numbers of comments and retweets there's the risk that conversations turn negative or contain inappropriate content – especially with emotions running high. If these posts mention your brand then you need to decide quickly how to react. Should your team respond? Could the situation spiral out of control? Could it damage followers’ perception of the brand? 

No doubt your brand’s Super Bowl social content strategy will have been mapped out the moment the TV spot was clinched, but protecting your brand needs to happen in real-time. You can be prepared but you also need to know how to react quickly. To do this you could adopt the strategy of divide and conquer. In other words, this Sunday, divide up your social department into three teams (see below) to get high volume engagement that’s also high-quality.

How to win #BrandBowl52 and build your brand’s fan base

  • Your #QuarterBack team: focus on publishing high-quality branded content related to your Super Bowl marketing campaign
  • Your #Interception team: engage followers in meaningful, personalized conversations that naturally drive retweets and long-term brand advocacy
  • Your defense team: this is where you’ll find your #MVP. Do your own #Blitz by quickly responding to negative or offensive comments and steering conversations to topics that unite your fans

With Sunday a big night in the calendar, you can’t rely on a Hail Mary. You need to have a strong team strategy in place that will drive meaningful social media conversations and score a touchdown for your brand.

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