Brands must embrace changes to Facebook EdgeRank or suffer the consequences

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As a social media management and moderation company, Crisp is here to help brands protect themselves from online threats 24/7 but we also do our utmost to improve the engagement and sentiment levels of your brand’s social media pages. We do so by providing world-leading online brand protection, ensuring your customers have a safe and enjoyable platform to use when interacting with your company - something that they will undoubtedly love you for.

That’s why, here at Crisp, we want to help you get the very best from all of your social media channels. You can reap all of the benefits the social networks offer, not only by utilizing a world-leading social media moderation and management company like Crisp, but also by keeping up-to-date with the latest industry developments to really get the most from your posts.

Crisp Thinking helps brands improve engagement and Facebook EdgeRank.

One such imminent development is a change to the way Facebook ranks posts in news feeds (EdgeRank) that will mean brands need to alter the way they post if they are to receive maximum engagement (clicks, likes, shares, comments). The social network will soon be giving priority to text updates posted by users, but will become increasingly disregardful of text-based updates published by Pages. This means that in order to achieve more views and higher levels of engagement, brands need to focus on posting more content-rich updates such as links and multimedia.

However, the way in which you post links to Facebook will also affect your visibility in news feeds, as Facebook is recommending that links are published using the link-sharing tool, rather than embedding links in the body of a text update. Facebook has found that when links are shared in this way, they receive much more engagement than they do when they're included in a text-based post.

Engagement is crucial for a brand to be able to thrive online, so it’s important to embrace updates and develop your brand’s posting strategy accordingly in order to properly harness the full power of social media. Failure to do so could leave your brand lagging behind the competition as your number of fans dwindles, your popularity plumets and your finances take a nasty blow that could have been so easily avoided - but if you learn as you go, you'll always be in the know!

Click here for Facebook’s official announcement so you can check it out for yourself!


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