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Rio 2016 has been a reminder to brands that not even the divine powers that be can protect you from IP infringements. Earlier this month a tweet by Pope Francis received an automatic reply from a since-suspended account @official_rule40 saying he was violating ‘Olympic Guidelines’. 

As a result the Olympic Committee racked up a great deal of negative sentiment, press and social media commentary in what was perceived as them going a step too far in the defence of their trademarks, associated hashtags and related IP. 

Whilst the Olympic Committee's activities might have been somewhat over the top, it's clear that many more global brands today aren't doing enough when it comes to defending themselves online.

Brand Protection Is Key For Global Brands In 2016

With heightened reputational, legal and financial risks attached to IP infringement or negative activist campaigns, 24/7 monitoring and reporting is key to ensuring your brand responds quickly to issues arising on social media channels.

These days, we all have the freedom to set up a social media account in anyone’s name.

Global brands are increasingly susceptible to cyber security issues and to loss of revenue due to risks like impersonation accounts and cyber squatting (other companies trading on the use of a brand or company name). 

Indeed, with the internet allowing content to be shared globally, monitoring multiple languages is often done inconsistently or not at all. 

Join Our Networking Lunch & Seminar In London 

Inspired by events that unfolded somewhat controversially around Rio, Crisp Thinking are running a Brand Protection Seminar with lunch and networking to talk through some of these areas of brand protection on social media.

Steve Kunceswicz, Head of IP & Media at Bermans and I will explore topics including: monitoring for IP Infringements & timely response, brand attacks on social media, managing activist campaigns, impersonation accounts and cyber squatting, and reporting of trademark infringements on the social channels.

Join us for some lunch, drinks and lively discussion regarding the key areas of concern surrounding brand protection on social media, seminar details below:

Topic: Protecting Your Brand On Social Media

Venue: Percy & Founders, 1 Pearson Square, London W1T 3BF

Date:   Tuesday September 27, 2016; 12.30pm - 2pm

Speaker Bio: Steve Kuncewicz, Head of IP & Media at Bermans and author of Legal Issues of Web 2.0 and Social Media

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