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Sarah is a PR and Content Copywriter at Crisp. She loves bringing complicated concepts to life, but hates a misplaced apostrophe

The nominations for innovation keep coming for Crisp

When your focus is on staying constantly ahead of the curve in developing the technology needed to keep global brands and communities safe online, you could argue that your work is your reward. But it’s always nice for our team’s hard work to be recognized by four different bodies for four prestigious awards

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Time to let your skills go Rusty?

Social media is constantly evolving with new features to help us communicate in more complex ways. Unfortunately, these new online features are often exploited by foul-mouthed haters, data hackers or sexual predators. In fact, Crisp Labs’ study of social media pages managed by the world’s best-known brands, found that one in ten posts contain a risk to the brand’s reputation or its users.

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How pharma brands can stay on the right side of social media

It is very rare that Facebook doesn’t feature at least somewhere in a marketer’s social media strategy today. With over two-thirds of US adults (68%) now using Facebook, about three-quarters of which access it on a daily basis, it has become the de facto way to reach pretty much everyone. Only YouTube can rival it as a platform (used by 73% of Americans).

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