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Crisp’s mission is to achieve complete Trust and Safety for everyone on the Social Web. Through world-leading AI and a global team of digital risk experts we will achieve complete online Trust and Safety by protecting brands, social platforms, advertisers and kids from the bad actors that exploit, extort, distress, offend and mis-inform.

Helping combat child abuse in the darkest places online

As law enforcement agencies become even more cyber-savvy, so do the distributors and consumers of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Although most CSAM is hosted on image sharing sites, it has been claimed that 10% of the sites hosted on the dark net are dedicated to hosting CSAM. Research by the Global Commission on Internet Governance also found that CSAM was the most popular type of content on the dark net.

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G7: Making the internet hostile to terrorism

Terrorist-related content online has become a major issue, on a global scale. At today’s G7 meeting in Italy it was agreed that internet companies will continue to take a proactive role and ensure decisive action in making their platforms more hostile to terrorism. They will also support civil society partners to develop alternative narratives online.

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How do we keep community spirit alive online?

Hate speech has become one of the darkest aspects of our social media lives. Even the most innocuous-seeming posts can quickly descend into foul-mouthed, offensive, hate-fueled threads. Why this is the case is the subject of much research, but no matter what the cause, the result is that the extent of hate speech posted online is starting to have real-world consequences.

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