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Marketing jargon and spiel can be difficult to decipher at the best of times, but understanding the marketing language of a company that is always changing and growing can be even harder. With new developments comes new terminology, and in a quickly evolving company it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed with what can seem like a whole new vocabulary.

The moderation industry is constantly developing at a rapid speed and here at Crisp we understand that it’s challenging to trust marketing lingo that can’t be easily interpreted. So jargon aside, here is a simple guide on what to look for and consider when choosing your ideal moderation provider – so that you can tell them what you need rather than being bamboozled by a bombardment of things they tell you that you need.

1. Guaranteed Accuracy

The first thing to remember is that guarantees of accuracy are totally meaningless without 24/7 cover. There’s no point making your home 100% secure for only eight hours a day because any potential thief will just wait until your home is not secure and then strike when your defences are at their weakest. The same is true of anyone wishing to damage your brand – they will strike when your brand is at its most vulnerable, which is why you can’t afford to ever let your guard down.

Secondly, it’s important to ensure that you and your moderation provider are on the same page when it comes to the definition of ‘accuracy’. Many moderation companies define accuracy as merely doing something with a comment, not necessarily taking the correct course of action as is set out in your unique moderation guidelines.

Make sure that you fully understand the accuracy guarantees you are given. Accuracy statistics are usually applied to all of your brand’s social media page activity. 95% of this is usually innocent and inoffensive and therefore doesn’t even need moderating at all. If a moderation provider guarantees you 99.5% accuracy, make sure you discount the harmless content from their calculations and you will see that their genuine rate of accurately moderating inappropriate comments is actually only 90%.

2. Guaranteed Speed

You will no doubt be told that content will be ‘actioned immediately’ – but take this with a pinch of salt. Content has to be collected from your social media pages and correctly categorized before the appropriate action is taken. This ensures that the correct action is taken as per your unique moderation guidelines. This takes time to carry out accurately but still has to happen quickly enough to prevent inappropriate content damaging your brand. Just as with accuracy, speed is made absolutely redundant without 24/7 cover.

3. Use of Technology

Technology is revolutionising the quality and cost of pretty much all industries, and the moderation sector is certainly no exception. Some moderation providers say they don’t believe technology is reliable enough to accurately and effectively moderate content… but then go on to list a number of technology partners who supply it to them. The fact is, technology is absolutely essential if you want 24/7, fast, accurate and cost-effective moderation. If a provider tries to tell you otherwise it is probably because they don’t understand it, they can’t use it effectively and are reluctant to take the costly step of investing in technology properly.

For a truly efficient, fast and accurate moderation service a combination of highly trained human moderators and machine-learning technology is needed to drive continuous improvement and provide comprehensive online brand protection. 

4. Global Cover and Scalability

When you start to grow your social media channels, managing them can become very expensive. Relying solely on teams of human moderators is slow and costly. You need a solution that delivers on a global scale but doesn’t break the bank. When selecting a provider, consider how they use technology to scale and you won’t be left lagging behind the competition with a huge bill – you’ll be breezing ahead with a much healthier bank balance.

5. Contractual Redress

Another thing to check is whether your moderation service provider lives up to their performance claims. Make sure they commit to them in a contract and offer some sort of money-back guarantee if they fail to meet the standards they promised you. A good way to make sure you are getting your money’s worth is to request regular reports demonstrating their level of performance.

6. Defined Moderation

Finally, make sure that you know what a provider is capable of doing when they detect an issue. Moderation providers that are somewhat behind with the times still focus on removing inappropriate content such as pornography and profanities – whereas forward-thinking, innovative companies now provide comprehensive social media management. Don’t limit your online brand protection by using a provider that is stuck in the past and reluctantly drags its feet into the future. The moderation companies that embrace technology have a much broader range of benefits that you simply can’t ignore. Comprehensive social media management services detect an entire list of different threats and risks, and offer a fantastic escalation process to ensure your brand is completely protected 24/7.


Threats to your brand can happen at any time and come in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Trending Social Media Crisis

  • High Profile Social Interactions 

  • Customer Complaints

  • Poor Social media Customer Service

  • Counterfeit Goods Promotion 

  • Brand Attacks

  • Phishing 

  • Threats to People, Places and Assets

  • Unsuitable and Offensive Content.  

It’s vital to have guaranteed speed and accuracy that covers all of these threats 24/7 for your brand to be properly protected online.

At Crisp we pride ourselves on delivering the world-leading social media management and moderation service. We provide the fastest, most comprehensive, cost-effective, accurate service, so please get in touch if you’d like to give us a try - we will happily guarantee that we offer the very best service in the industry.

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