5 tips for responding successfully to customers on social media

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5 tips for succesfully responding to customers on social media

Customers these days demand that their favorite brands respond to their questions and engage in a real conversation with them on social media. This demand, while sometimes challenging, can provide a huge opportunity for global brands to connect with their customers on a personal level.

However, whilst customers rightly expect brands to respond to their passion for their products and reply quickly to their queries and complaints, our research division, Crisp Labs, have found that this doesn't always happen. Below is a short extract from Crisp Labs’ ‘Emotional Branding In A Social Age’ report, which offers expert advice on how to respond successfully to customers on social media.

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1. Know which posts to respond to 

Agree with your customer service or social media team in advance which posts they should respond to. For example, when a user has asked a question, made a strong statement or has requested some assistance. 

2. Prepare on-brand responses 

Write agreed, on-brand replies in advance, which can be altered slightly to the context of each comment. That way your team is always prepared, even out-of-hours, but the responses don’t sound like they’ve come from a bot. 

3. Agree the timing 

Timely responses are critical. In fact, 42% of customers expect a response within an hour.

4. Be personable and pleasant

Take a moment to add the customer’s name or handle to the prepared response. This is a quick way of creating the impression of exclusivity. 

5. Track and measure your effectiveness

It’s important to measure how well your customers are interacting with your brand so you can understand where your team can improve in the future. 


Along with these five tips, the Crisp Labs’ 'Emotional Branding In A Social Age’ report also looks at how global consumer brands can maximize the opportunities that social media presents, while effectively managing its risks.

The report also offers practical tips to promote and protect your brand online, plus unique insights, analysis and ideas that you can incorporate into your brand’s social media strategy. 

Download your free copy of the 'Emotional Branding In A Social Age’ report now.

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