24/7 social media moderation provider not affected by the Heartbleed bug

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As you are probably aware, an OpenSSL bug known as Heartbleed has been hitting the headlines this week.

Heartbleed was a serious vulnerability that went straight to the heart of many core internet services and caused huge problems for a large number of companies.

24/7 social media moderation provider Crisp Thinking was not affected by the Heartbleed bug.Luckily, following a detailed internal review, we can safely say that Crisp has not been affected by the dangerous bug and our online moderation services have therefore not been compromised.

None of our core-services were affected by the technological chaos that Heartbleed caused, as the Crisp platform is built on technology that doesn’t use OpenSSL and therefore wasn’t vulnerable to the threat.

To be on the safe side, we have carried out the resetting of passwords throughout the entire company. This is because we utilize some third party non-core services which were unfortunately hit by the bug. However, these have since been thoroughly checked and repaired.

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