Let moderators sleep at night: 24/7 moderation + monitoring for Disqus

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Commenting is great for engagement, ad revenue, repeat visits and time on site. But when abusive, offensive content and spam is not moderated, the quality of discussion is damaged and readers leave the page.  

We are pleased to announce that Crisp now offers 24/7 moderation and monitoring of comments on the Disqus platform. Our team of human moderators will escalate or remove abusive comments, spam and other inappropriate content and escalate critical issues to your in-house team.  

Unlike moderation agencies we don't rely on the Disqus proprietary moderation tool which can be time consuming to use.  We pull the comments directly through from the Disqus platform into our specialist systems that enable our human teams to quickly remove or escalate inappropriate content.  

Cost effective

We charge by volume of comments which makes our service cost effective for our clients and means their in-house teams can focus on community management and engagement.  

About Disqus

Disqus is an online discussion system that enables individuals to join discussions on topics they feel passionate about. Publishers use it to drive engaged traffic for increased revenues and brand loyalty.

Please get in touch to find out how we provide 24/7 protection for brands and online communities. 

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Crisp’s mission is to provide the fastest detection of critical issues and crises to protect global brands and platforms. From supporting PRs in reputational management and helping pharma brands to remain compliant, to protecting vulnerable individuals from the exploitation of bad actors... wherever social media has the potential to trigger a crisis, you can be sure we have expertise to share.

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