How do we keep community spirit alive online?

Keeping community spirit alive on World Mental Health Day

Hate speech has become one of the darkest aspects of our social media lives. Even the most innocuous-seeming posts can quickly descend into foul-mouthed, offensive, hate-fueled threads. Why this is the case is the subject of much research, but no matter what the cause, the result is that the extent of hate speech posted online is starting to have real-world consequences.

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Leaving terrorists no place to hide online

Owl - Leaving terrorists no place to hide online

Terrorist videos have come a long way from a camcorder in a cave. Today extremists can be sophisticated and savvy. They know where and when to upload their material to get maximum views and shares online. In fact, their steady stream of propaganda, recruitment material, and violent videos depicting beheadings can resemble a well-oiled marketing funnel.

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News release: Hundreds of new items of extremist content being created online daily

  • 27% of content includes violent, distressing or incitements to commit terrorist attacks
  • Spikes in activity seen around key acts of terrorism
  • UK company behind the artificial intelligence technology used to detect illegal content for leading social networks

The amount of terrorist propaganda and extremist content being posted online, especially on social media platforms is a growing global issue.  Now, a UK headquartered company has been identified as being behind the technology that is being used by global social networks to detect hundreds of pieces of new terrorism-related content created online each day.

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How to deal with an activist attack on your brand

 womens-2359590_1920.jpgIf the Devil wears Prada, what do fashion activists wear? Certainly not fur…

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