Brand Protection Seminar: Join Us in London for Lunch & Networking In September


Rio 2016 has been a reminder to brands that not even the divine powers that be can protect you from IP infringements. Earlier this month a tweet by Pope Francis received an automatic reply from a since-suspended account @official_rule40 saying he was violating ‘Olympic Guidelines’. 


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4 Types of Content Moderation Every Social Media Manager Should Know In 2016


With an ever-growing number of spammers, scammers, and general all-round haters and trolls running riot on our social networks these days, it's essential that big and small brands have a comprehensive policy in place to ensure they're ready for an attack. 


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How To Protect Your Facebook Page From Risky Content Using Crisp


These days on social media, good or bad content can go viral at the drop of a hat. A post that may seem irrelevant at first, can quickly go viral, reaching tens, if not hundreds of millions of people in a matter of hours. For you and your team, protecting your brand and reducing your online risk is not always easy to manage in such instances. 


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The Rise of the Toxic Selfie


The NSPCC recently reported that in the past year, it has had a 17% increase in calls to its Childline service from children worried about their body image. Some were as young as 8. However as we all know, poor body image amongst adolescents, particularly girls, is not however a new thing.


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Is GDPR the Kryptonite of Kids' Sites?

Emma_Monks_Blog_GDPR_LARGE_FINAL.jpgOn 27th April 2016, the EU adopted a new regulation called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to replace the existing Directive 95/46/EC on data protection. The new regulation comes into force on 27th May 2018 and, unlike the Directive, it is binding for all member states of the EU.


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The Crisp 15 minute guarantee

Our 24/7 service is so comprehensive and unfailing it comes with the only excuse-free guarantee in the industry: We find, flag and eliminate any inappropriate content or call you within 15 minutes or less. Period.

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