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Should risky content always be removed?

Moderator choosing to hide or remove a comment

We read every piece of content from our clients' social media channels looking for complex word combinations that trigger any of over 100 risks, such as a bomb threat, hate speech or illness after taking prescribed medication. When a risk is found, the comment and its context are reviewed by one of our skilled Risk Analysts. It’s their job to understand the real intent of the comment and to tag it appropriately so the right action can be taken.

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14 million new fraudulent social media scams posted a day

data Privacy Blog image - Analytics.jpegCrisp Labs, our research division, has revealed new statistics that confirm the growing problem of fraudulent content on social media. There are a staggering 14 million scams on Facebook a day (that’s 165 per second), and written posts aren’t the only source of fraud. Instagram, that has 80 million photos uploaded a day, is also seeing a huge amount of content with malicious intent.

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