Crisp CEO To Speak About Social Media Risks At PWC Forum

Crisp CEO To Speak About Social Media Risks At PWC Forum.jpgCrisp Thinking CEO and Founder Adam Hildreth will speak about current and emerging social media risks at the next PWC Data Forum in London. The event, on Monday December 5, will see Adam discuss escalating issues like illegal & offensive content, scams, trolls, security risks & more.


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New Risks For Luxury Brands As Millennials 'Go' Social

New Risks for Luxury Brands as Millennials Choose Social -2.jpgMillennials are known for doing things differently - particularly when it comes to shopping online for luxury goods. Social media today plays a significant role in the marketing of the latest luxury lines. Despite being at odds with promoting itself online, luxury brands know they must embrace social media if they want to secure the next generation of luxury consumers.


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IP Infringement: Managing The Costly Impact On The Luxury Goods Industry

IP Infringement - managing the costly impact on the luxury goods industry-1.jpgIn previous years intellectual property infringements in an offline world were arguably a more manageable issue to detect and police. Internal legal teams and law firms, working with custom officers, were tasked with enforcing the protection of a brand’s IP when looking for the illegal use of a company name, brand name or trademark.


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Top Tips For Managing Reputational Risk On Social For Luxury Brands


Reputation is without doubt a luxury brand's greatest asset. Compared with other industries, this asset can be highly susceptible to risk. In this blog we look at how to plan, manage and assess the impact that online reputation risk has within this industry.


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How to Protect Your Luxury Brand from Social Media Risks [Free Ebook]


For luxury professionals, 2016 has been a time of turbulent change.  A changing buyers landscape, due to an upsurge in consumers using technology, has turned the industry on its head over the last 12 months. 


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